About Vincent

Vincent Robinson, Sr. is a courageous and outgoing young man. He has worked extensively in television and theatre.  He has done work with Robert Townsend’s renowned Bell Town Productions as well as TAQWA Productions.  Vincent effortlessly depicted Tracey Moon in “If It’s Monday, It’s Mayretta”, a production by Knights Player, conducted by Will Rogers. Vincent also danced in “The Christmas Spectacular” with Full Radius Dance, a non-profit dance company. Vincent has participated in various training workshops, including Introduction to Theatre, Film, and Commercials, conducted by John Templeton.  

Vincent has faced many challenges during his lifetime.  Notwithstanding those tribulations, Vincent has succeeded as a great wheelchair basketball player who enjoys wheelchair racing, stunting, dancing, swimming, and jet skiing. His favorite pastimes include reading, writing, and rapping. Vincent deeply desires to help anyone that he can help, whether it’s a person with mental issues, a child that needs  guidance, or anyone that simply needs an extra push towards the right direction. Vincent often utilizes his life-long experience as a tool to motivate children as well as adults to live a healthy and productive life.  He is truly a blessed Man!

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