About Vincent

Vincent A. Robinson, Sr. was born August 18, 1972 in Bankhead Courts Apartments in Atlanta, Georgia. Bankhead Courts at the time was notorious for pimps, prostitutes, gangsters, drug dealers and persons of ill repute.

Vincent had no role models and was influenced by his environment. He purchased a new Cadillac at 13 from drug profits. His life choices lead him to a personal tragedy. He was shot point blank with a street sweeper shotgun. The resulting blast reduced both legs to a mass of jelly causing him to be a double amputee. Then GOD entered his life.

Today Vincent Robinson is a motivational speaker, child advocate, actor, and professional dancer.

Vincent plays basketball and tennis. Vincent could be a cornucopia of sorrow, but instead he is an ebullient man of color.

Vincent’s message is one that is guaranteed to help both: rowdy students to change their ways, AND those with disabilities to quit feeling sorry for themselves and get moving.